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Our team provides project management services utilizing the Project Management Institute (PMI) and CPM methodologies. 

We apply numerical, statistical, and computational risk analysis (Monte-Carlo), to project schedules and budgets to fully communicate the risk associated with a given project. 

We provide technical engineering services with a focus on the more difficult and unique technical challenges.


Our Expertise

As technical experts we deliver superior value in industrial piping systems including pipe system design, flow modeling, pump selection, pressure vessel selection, tanks, ancillary equipment selection,  technical package development, and management of the process through design registration with the TSASK. Additionally, we offer specialized pipe stress engineering utilizing CAESAR II for high-risk piping applications. 

We are well experienced and comfortable with industrial fluids. Whether the process is toxic, explosive, or mission critical, we know our clients cannot afford downtime. We offer peace of mind that things are designed with a focus on reliability. 

We also offer services in  the areas of industrial HVAC and material handling including pneumatic conveyance, dust collection, belt and screw conveyors, and chutework systems.

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We work with the best in the business to ensure we are up to date, delivering superior value on every project.


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