About Us


Project Services

We offer owner's engineer type project management and project oversight. Our experienced project managers and support staff utilize proven methodologies based on the specific need of the client and the project.  

Capital projects or changes in strategic direction can sometimes overwhelm operational staff who are already busy with maintaining and managing the day-to-day. Smith Projects Inc will support your capital program or change management directives to allow you to maintain that critical focus on delivering each and every day.


Engineering Design

As technical experts we deliver value in industrial piping systems including pipe system design, flow modeling, pump selection, pressure vessel selection, tanks, ancillary equipment selection,  technical package development, and management of the process through design registration. Additionally, we offer specialized pipe stress engineering utilizing advanced software for high-risk piping applications. 

We are well experienced and comfortable with industrial fluids. Whether the process is toxic, explosive, or mission critical, we know our clients cannot afford downtime. We offer peace of mind that things are designed with a focus on reliability. 

We also offer services in  the areas of industrial HVAC and bulk  material handling.

Our Affiliates

We work with the best in the business to ensure we are up to date, delivering superior value on every project.